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Company Profile

Our company was founded in 1979 as a private enterprise. After 15 years of steady upward development we decided to turn it into a joint-stock company. This decision was taken after the rapid progress of the firm concerning not only cars and offices but also personnel, turnover etc. Thus we had everything, which was required - infrastructure and capital - in order to turn our financially healthy firm into a joint-stock company.

Hire Cars Crete is rendering overall services in the sector of car rental. Our services are of the highest level. Our reliability and last but not least our very competitive prices are characteristic for us. Very soon we are entering the field of incoming tourism with pick up and transfer services, excursions, ticketing (planes, busses, etc.), hotel reservations, etc. It would be an honor for us to undertake the representation of your company in Crete for incoming customers.

Hire Cars Crete has approximately 250 cars of all classes: small, medium, large, automatic, convertibles, jeeps and mini busses. We are in the position to satisfy even the most demanding customer. It is our principle to renew our fleet every three years and we make sure that all our cars are in an excellent mechanical condition by frequent and thorough servicing.

Our company has a total of six branches all over Crete. Two branches are in the capital Heraklion, which is the commercial center of the island. You will find us at the main street leading from the port to the heart of the city where you can find also travel agencies, banks, etc. The port is only 300 m away, the museum only 250 m and Heraklion international airport lies in a distance of only 2-km. One branch in Chania airport just 200 metres from the main building in GR parking. One branch is in the famous Limenas Hersonissou (or Hersonissos). Finally there are two branches in the center of Stalis (or Stalida). Further our company disposes of two huge garages equipped with the latest instruments for the proper maintenance of our cars. Twenty-five people are working in our company. Ten of them are technical personnel, 10 are salesmen and 5 are responsible for the delivery and picking up of the cars.

24 hours delivery and picking up throughout Crete.
24 hours technical support throughout Crete by our highly technical personnel.
Full insurance cover of the car and passengers.


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